Spotify Channel-X

A curation of music celebrating the ability to unite diverse sounds, cultures, and stories, creating a more inclusive and richer musical world.




Visual Identity

Studio Herrström

Erik Herrström

Thomas Sturm


Alaysia Sierra

David Karlsson

Michelle Pham

Loren Lee

Project Images

In the constantly changing realm of music, Spotify's Channel-X is at the forefront, challenging and reshaping the traditional limits of musical genres. The playlist is blending R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, Dance, Afropop and even Country to celebrate today's trend towards genre fluidity. As artists merge various sounds and styles, the idea of separate musical genres grows increasingly unclear, a shift vividly mirrored in Channel-X's eclectic selection.

Our design approach for Channel-X visually represents this transformation. By blending Spotify's design language with contrasting sharp shapes, inspired by nuclear fushion illustrations, the design is meant to capture the essence of mixing—varied elements coming together to create something fresh and intriguing. The strong color contrasts and the use of "Eurostile Extended" parallels the playlist's innovative approach to music, symbolizing a mix of technical simplicity and artistic flair. 

Channel-X's visual identity affirms the evolving music scene, where artists and audiences move beyond single genre definitions. This change is more than just the mingling of musical styles; it reflects a broader cultural shift towards inclusivity and discovery, where music transcends conventional labels to speak a universal language.

The playlist and its visual branding act as a snapshot of the industry's broader move towards genre blending, where distinct musical styles interweave, suggesting a more comprehensive approach to appreciating music. In this innovative musical era, Channel-X is more than a playlist; it's a story of musical progression, demonstrating how contemporary music is increasingly defined by the experiences and emotions it evokes rather than rigid genre classifications.

In summary, the visual identity of Channel-X aims to boldly declare this era of genre fluidity. It’s meant to envision a future where music is lauded not for its loyalty to genre demarcations but for its power to unite varied sounds, cultures, and narratives, fostering a more inclusive and rich musical landscape.