A complex data measurement technology represented by an abstract visual world executed through a logotype and a connected pattern system.





Visual Identity


Daniel Tjondronegoro

Ian Hobkirk

Project Images

Beatgrid is an AdTech measurement company that provides advertising cross-media audience and consumer measurement services to leading global brands. By taking Beatgrid’s process to heart, we could make sure that the rather complex measurement technology could be represented in a simple very simple visual language.

A set of key brand characteristics we defined that would help set a focus on what the new logotype should communicate. It was crucial to capture how they absorb data, perform in-depth measurements, and provide clients with digestible and actionable reports.


While the standalone icon itself is a play on connecting data, it can also play a part in never-ending modular patterns that can evolve into a larger brand identity language. These patterns are representing the nearly mechanical approach that Beatgrid has to their audience measurement studies. The distinct and unique shapes of the new Beatgrid logotype are emphasized through a stark yellow color that connects back to the contrast of what Beatgrid can provide in comparison to the competition.