TAU Palo Santo

An unconventional music release transporting you away from the stresses of today’s world and into a place of transcendence.





Visual Identity

Project Images

"Palo Santo" is a special release from the record label TAU, founded by the famous German DJ duo Adana Twins. This limited edition box contains a curated selection of music designed to transport you away from the stresses of today’s world and into a realm of transcendence.

Palo Santo, meaning "Holy Wood," is a revered scented stick obtained from the wood of the sacred South American tree. It is used in ceremonies and by spiritually-conscious individuals to clear negative energy from spaces and create a peaceful atmosphere.

Within this compilation, you’ll discover ambient and calming productions that complement the soothing aroma of the wonderful Palo Santo sticks. So, light one up, kick back, and drift away into the ether.

To promote this release, Studio Herrström has developed a complete visual identity, which is based on a neon orange color scheme, a custom pattern inspired by scanned Palo Santo sticks, various animated 3D product visualizations, the actual packaging design, and numerous animated social media assets. 3D done by Computer Vincent.