With competition at its core, the platform of Stage is focused on how we can discover the next generation of stars in music.
“The Studio Herrström team was incredibly professional, having delivered on all their promises and with a quality that made everyone notice our brand much more once we implemented the changes made by them. I would, as a result, highlight the quality and seriousness of their work.”
Francisco Quartin de Macedo, CEO & Co-Founder, Stage




Brand Identity


Francisco Quartin de Macedo

Geoffrey Doyen

Parker Howard

Thomas Chretien

Project Images

Do you remember the days when music talent shows were only accessible through your TV screens? In this day  and age, aspiring artists strive to grab attention to show their talent on social media but often find themselves  lost in the vast ocean of content.

Studio Herrström had the opportunity to work with Stage, a new platform focused on how we can discover the next generation of stars in music. By combining the best aspects of The Voice and TikTok, Stage’s unique round-by-round competition format allows aspiring artists to showcase their talents and gain visibility among supportive fans and audiences.

At the core of Stage’s branding is a carefully crafted design system centered around a symbol with multiple meanings. It represents an elimination tournament bracket while also serving as a play button and an abstract equalizer, creating a bold visual element that captures the essence of the platform.

The Stage coin symbol was also designed, acting as a reward for winning competitions in the app. From the coin symbol, a pattern was developed that references the career paths of evolving artists. These two symbols, in combination with the career-path pattern, create a dynamic design system that works across all touchpoints of the brand and product.

The brand is further expressed through a dynamic carousel that emphasizes the idea of an equalizer and sound present in the Stage symbol. This carousel allows the brand to express the idea of discovering new talents.

By utilizing a consistent application of graphic elements, including a color palette, typography, patterns, imagery, and iconography, Stage’s cohesive and recognizable brand identity positions the platform as a competitive player in the industry and a steadfast supporter of artists’ professional growth.

Join Stage and discover the next generation of stars today.