Spotify R&B Rising

Visual identity for an editorial playlist featuring R&B of the moment by the artists of the future.




Visual Identity


Alaysia Sierra

Carl Chery

Shahin Haghjou

Michelle Pham

Project Images

We were tasked with designing the visual identity for Spotify's R&B Rising – the playlist where you discover the best of what's next in R&B. If you're an adventurous R&B listener who loves to find new artist, this is for you.

The visual identity is centered on celebrating emerging artists and their unique expressions of creativity. Our goal was to capture the moment of when an artist makes it onto the playlist, conveying a sense of belonging and community. To achieve this, we've incorporated a hand-drawn ampersand that visually connects the 'R' and 'B' in the brand name. The organic, imperfect nature of the ampersand represents the raw and unfiltered talent of new artists while adding an element of elegance and sophistication.

To enhance depth, the mid-tone colors of the ampersand are complemented by soft textures that evoke the tactile feel of a physical object. In contrast, the surrounding typography uses desaturated highlight colors, creating contrast against the black backgrounds. The result is a design system that captures the spirit of emerging talent in R&B music, celebrating their unique expressions of creativity.