A modular visual identity powering the next generation of artists and their communities.
“Long before Sound, I’ve admired Erik’s work and played a role in how we approached making every moment an artist releases music special. Having the chance to work with Erik to elevate Sound’s brand as the home page of music discovery is a dream come true.”
David Greenstein, Co-Founder,



Brand Identity

Studio Herrström

Erik Herrström

Thieb Delaporte-Richard

Lukas Haider

David Greenstein

Kevin Teng

Jessica Phan

Project Images is a social and music platform connects artists and listeners through music. Through listening parties and countdown releases, they build hype around their releases where you as a listener can own parts of a track. This creates a new type of fanbase for musicians and a close tie to their fans that they’ve never seen before.

Studio Herrström worked with the core team at to rethink their brand identity. In the design system, the power of connections between artists and listeners is emphasized through a variety of visual expressions such as building blocks and conceptual patterns.

Artists and listeners are the building blocks of, and its symbol is built up by these building blocks which can transform into different constellations. The constellations can also be the shape of the community of the platform or the audience of a specific release from an artist.

If you are the biggest fan, that showed up the first, you’ll have a chance to be in the very front – just as you would at a concert. This way artists and listeners are able to connect with each other. When time is right, artists and listeners are connected with one another, just as they would be in the real world. When a connection is made, it’s forever lasting as you are part-owner of the track.

We used the visualization of the audience to create graphic sound waves that really helped emphasize the concept of users owning parts of a track.

In this new visual world of, the symbol plays a key role in building connections and holding information. We developed additional growth patterns out of the symbol to help show how releases are constantly able to be discovered by more and more listeners in the feeds. Because at there is always a new release around the corner waiting to be discovered.

Except for the variety of graphic expressions that are coherent through the core shapes, the brand is using Acid Grotesk, designed by Folch Studio, and a full spectrum of colors which allows the brand to make an editorial choice in marketing and promotions.