Rosso Tunes

Visual Identity for the record label Rosso Tunes, featuring a custom typeface inspired by dynamic dance movements and designed with the ability to stand on its own.


Rosso Tunes


Visual Identity

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Rosso Tunes is a record label that releases music in the genres of house and techno. Additionally, DJs from all over the world are invited to be part of the regular podcast series. A special collection of inspiring mixtapes can also be found on Spotify, curated by friends of the label.

Derived from the Italian word “Rosso”, Studio Herrström created a branding centered around a solid, vivid red color scheme. A custom-designed typeface, inspired by the dynamic movements of dancers on the floor, was created to capture the energy and passion that Rosso Tunes brings to its music, parties, and overall vision.

With these two main elements, a consistent system was created and implemented across digital and physical assets, including covers, T-shirts, tote bags, socks, scarves, and LED signs — essentially everything to interact with their fans. The entire merchandise collection was captured in a photoshoot in collaboration with photographer Mario Ilic.