Elvis Presley

Visual identity for one of the most iconic artists ever lived, The King of Rock ’n’ Roll, mister Elvis Presley.


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Sony Music Entertainment

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Elvis Presley is one of the most expressive artists of his time. His iconic looks, moves and songs have served as inspiration for people worldwide ever since he introduced them. He knew how to do things his way and how to constantly re-imagine himself to express himself and convey emotions to his audience. He always filled the room with his presence.

By taking a holistic look at visual expressions in his discography, stage sets, appearances, jewelry and clothing we took aim at creating an identity that would emphasize and embrace the characteristics of Elvis. While aiming to appeal to both new and old fans, the identity is meant to be unmistakably Elvis, but with opportunities to bring out the unexpected expressions to catch the attention from the viewers.

The logotype, with its expressive yet simple typography, is inspired by the stage set from Elvis’ "Comeback Special" in 1968. The logotype is then incorporated into expandable typographic lockups that can grow depending on the content. You will notice defined spaces where typography is allowed to fill the room, using a custom headline hierarchy and justified text, decorated gently with iconography that ties back to iconic shapes Elvis himself would use. This is inspired by tour posters, trading cards, and tickets from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

With the release of Baz Luhrmann’s "Elvis" film, a yearlong marketing campaign was built out to support the anticipated influx of listeners new and old surrounding the film and beyond. The visual identity and the brand guidelines informed the design language across Elvis’ website as well as his social media and streaming channels including Youtube, Spotify and Instagram.

The identity came to live through a variety of content ranging from animated videos about Elvis’ life, tracks and relevance today, to playlist covers and campaigns. One of these videos, The Story Behind Elvis, was awarded at the Webby Awards as a People’s Voice Winner.