A visual identity for the contemporary AYA MAI featuring a dynamic and reversible wordmark.


AYA MAI & Green Mountain Lodge


Brand Idenity

Project Images

AYA MAI is the friend with whom you explore your feelings about the nuances of being young and figuring out life. Knowing she doesn’t have all the answers, she’s constantly seeking an honest inner dialogue with herself and those who are listening - finding herself in a postmodern era, where nothing is defined and life is a ‘project me’.  She uses her music to translate and make sense of all the moving pieces in her head - a crafted soundscape of vivid colors and semi-translucent fabrics woven between contrasts of light and dark, simple and complex, existential reflections and small talk. It’s an openness and vulnerability; a community where we all feel safe and art is our escape. In the end, we’ll all meet on the dance floor, sing along and work it out together. 

Geometric shapes play an important role in the visual identity. Triangles naturally exist as part of the letters A and Y, but we tried to take it a bit further and show how the typography can influence a larger system that is forever expanding into new constellations. The dynamic wordmark is crafted completely out of custom lettering, which is paired with General Type Studio’s Pilat typeface. Additionally, AYA MAI is reversible to create I AM AYA which allows for a broader brand expression.

This project was designed in collaboration with AYA MAI and Green Mountain Lodge. Photography was taken by Jannick Boerlum.