365 Days of TAU

An anniversary merchandise collection for the German record label TAU, featuring a neon-green silkscreen print, custom typeface, and a downloadable unreleased track.




Visual Identity


Carsten Levi
Benjamin Busse
Friso Traas

Project Images

For the one-year anniversary of the German record label TAU, Studio Herrström was asked to celebrate it with a special merchandise collection. The collection features all the artists the label has collaborated with in their first year of existence. These artists were displayed in a custom typeface developed especially for this occasion.

As a little Easter egg, the inside of the T-shirt featured a QR code that linked to an unreleased track by the label's founders, the Adana Twins. So when purchasing the T-shirt, you not only get something to wear but also something exclusive to listen to. To promote the merchandise on social media, editorial shots were taken by the German photographer Felix Krüger.